Thursday 13 November 2014

Mirror Dinghy kit wood work parts

If anyone wonders why the Mirror Dinghy kit at first look seems expensive, its because
we have to supply all the machined wood parts with each kit, this adds a lot of content and of course adds to the kit purchase price but at least you do not have to search for the wood.

This was quite a load today, note the homemade roof carriers, Armadillo who made the rear loading cover quoted me R3000 for two roof racks, these cost me time and the scraps of ply and wood in my store.

Andrew, thanks for the good idea!

These specially machined Obeche and Meranti parts were taken from selected timber stock by an expert, he then profiled and numbered each section for me. There is enough stock here to cut nine Mirror Dinghy wood parts, I start cutting to length tomorrow.

I think that these kits will soon be priced at R15,000 plus Vat of 14% if your in the RSA?


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