Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mirror dinghy whats under the covers?

In this case the covers are the foredeck, side and aft seat panels, seen in these pictures we can see just what fits where.

Peter has done a fine job of assembly of what has been his very first Mirror Dinghy kit build.

The dagger board is a dummy panel by the way.

Note the internal epoxy and glass tape works, all of the boat will be pre coated with thin liquid epoxy before Peter closes the compartments off with what are the cover boards, seats and deck etc.

Here Peter is demonstrating the excellent panel fit of this very first CNC cut Mirror Dinghy kit world wide. This boat will have the top panels fitted next week and after Peter has fitted the optional thwart side support in the seat space.

The boat is for sale, we have space for more kit build orders in time for the Mirror Worlds in January 2015, at the Theewaters Aquatic Club near Cape Town, kits can be  built to a bare hull stage or as a finished sail boat, enquires invited.


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