Monday, 7 April 2014

Mirror Dinghy kit building, the details

Peter has spent at least as much time reading the building instructions done by the Mirror Asscociation in Canada as he has worked on the boat itself, my thanks to the guys in Canada for drafting such a detailed step by step builders guide.

The original drawings showed just one round drain hole on either side, we were advised to enlarge them as then the holes make good lifting purchases.

The skeg had the older style slot cut in it even if its no longer required now?

Hull lower panel stiffener is as per the drawings, the dagger board is a spare blank and not the Mirror spec, one.

We are told there should be an access hole in the forward bulkhead, two I would think, they can have screw in plastic covers? this will be added to the final CNC files. An addition to the standard drawings will be a port and starboard ply gusset to support the thwart area and take the loading to the hull, these will be fitted before the side seats are fitted and become part of our standard CNC kit.
This is Peters idea on the lower bow panel, he changed the grain direction of the way the 6mm x five ply was cut, making the required bend in the ply really easy, this may be an optional extra? For sure we are developing a few options that are making the kit more complete and easier to build.
Anyone wanting a new Mirror Dinghy building and in the Cape Town area, is welcome to view this build, contact me for the address and Peters phone number so you can arrange a time that suits both parties.

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