Saturday, 12 April 2014

Didi Mini Transat Mk3 kit set

We started the name CKD Boats cc when the very first Didi Mini Transat Mk1 bulkhead kit set was cut, that was over a decade back and the design has since moved to stage three and with chines at the rear of the hull.

With another order in, we are now starting to get the plywood's together for a Didi Mini Transat Mk3, an export order and to a new country for us, making it thirty five countries this far.

The requirement on this order is to supply all the okoume marine grade plywood, this is forty four sheets in total of which we CNC cut thirty seven sheets in total.

Added to this is the timber list for the hull and deck, we are using African Mahogany (khaya) this time, as its strong, light, nice to work with and cost effective.

This will ship by sea and probably via Singapore, we can ship world wide to most destinations.

As I have personally built two Didi Mini Transats  from our kits I can offer plenty of advice on each stage of the building process, this applies to the other radius chine designs from Dix Design as well.



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