Monday, 31 March 2014

Will's i550 progress

We supplied the very first CNC cut i550 kit in South Africa, here are some pictures from Will who is the customer and also building the boat.

Hi Roy,

Hope all’s well down there?

Here are some of the more recent build pics –



The boat uses 16 sheets of 6mm okoume marine ply.
Will sorted out which model he wanted and supplied the CNC cut file, which we are now able to reproduce other i550 kits from.
Plans to be purchased before we can supply a kit, the last I looked plans were on a special offer?
Yes, the offer still stands.
$100 PDF Plans and Hull License.

If your email inbox can receive 12+MB, we will send you the same pdf plans and hull license (normally $100USD) via email and you won’t have to wait forever for snail mail or have your order get stuck in customs.

The first (usa)  kit and ready to ship
For all questions, please email us at
To send a payment via paypal, email
We can send you a paypal invoice, that’s the easiest. Or you can use Western Union. As soon as we receive payment, we’ll email you the plans/hull license.

QUOTES on Boats! (Hulls and Finished i550’s). (available in South Africa also)

Email or call on 27 21 (021) 7903859 for further information.

Thanks Will,

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