Friday, 24 January 2014

TBA and the RCYC in 1994

The founding of the very first Wooden and Classic Yacht Regatta and the TBA Easter Classic Boat Regatta was just one week apart, the RCYC was first and next was the TBA, we joined forces the next year and it stayed as a very good relationship for the next twenty years, what happened, you tell me!


Click on the page, dated March 1994 so nearly two decades ago. Signed by the late Capt, Peter Moon.

The two Commodores, RCYC Commodore Dale Cushner welcomes the TBA, while past TBA Commodore smiles and toasts with a glass of wine. Dale told me later he was very surprised that the Traditional Boat Asscociation was closing its doors, I told him So am I!

We even had the last TBA meeting ever to be held at the RCYC last year, the place was a full house affair. The RCYC commodore told me he and his committee will back a revival of the TBA if we can find the persons to drive it, any takers out there?

My thanks to our wonderful RCYC hosts for many years and this last evening when they laid on a spread of snacks we can only dream of.