Monday, 20 January 2014

Historic Table Bay Sailing

A request for information on a picture of yachts sailing on Table Bay, Cape Town has just come in.
I would guess mid 1950s to 1960??


Attached is a photo that was found by a friend of mine in the SAR (South African Railways) archives. I wonder if you may know the class and approximate date when this would have been.



Click on the picture to enlarge it, what a fine shot!

My reply is below:

Note: I now believe the boat in the center to be Caprice, built here in Cape Town by Lowe and Halverson and owned by the late Jerrold Salaman, can anyone confirm this?

Both of the yachts below were owned by Jerrold, as were others.

Read here to see his obituary:

  “Caprice” – 39 foot Gaff Cutter

                                         “Windward” – 42 foot Gaff Cutter designed by N D Ross,      

                                         built by Louw and Halvorsen in Cape Town


Thanks on the picture, its really a fine shot and one I have not yet seen?

The boat center to the picture may be St George, the Maritime Museum had her as a static display some years back, I supplied the materials for her reconstruction.

The larger yacht to the right will be Halloween, she was restored by the Stremple brothers about 15 years back, I supplied all the wood and ply. They then sailed her to Brasil, then onto Spain where she was  sold.

I may find the yacht on the left in my book on the history of the RCYC, I will have a look and let you know if I find it?

Any more such pictures?



I took this picture, also in Table Bay but many years later and an Easter TBA meeting, circa 1998 or thereabout?

Note that Haloween has been converted to a more traditional gaff rig, Ren Penso was not happy when she heard the new that Karl Stremple was going this route but by then Haloween was a near wreck and any care was to be credited. In the end the boat was more or less rebuilt and to a very high standard. This included new decks, masts and spars, all birdsmouth constructed, I supplied the Oregon pine to that work, the teak to the decks also.