Thursday 9 January 2014

Selling to the world

We started the company on an order for a Didi Mini Transat, boat number one and its still here and I believe for sale. That was about ten years back, we then started to be asked for kits to be exported world wide, the sales continue and our packing service has become well known.


This one was a surprise to even myself, a Taylors 30L paraffin stove, sent on return or sale by its owner in Durban 1000 miles away, we found a buyer in Australia many more miles away!

Here you go Roy - reassembled in my front yard (boat project in the background). I look forward to seeing it on your blog!


The delivery was by regular postal service, at 37kgs in weight we broke the stove down (with care) to three smaller packs and shipped from our local post office at a very reasonable cost of R1340, that's about U$125.

This way we all scored, Chris the owner, myself and Ben the new owner!


This may suit someone for a rebuild or spares, open to offers.

And to prove it works, well did when the gas burner was fitted inside the oven, now removed but you can source and fit one yourself.