Friday 10 January 2014

What if you want a hard spray dodger on your boat?

This was being thought of by a local yacht owner, he made cardboard mock ups, he was even told ' That will blow away in the first gale' he also got to use his camera and using various photo programs
place dodgers and cabins from other boats superimposed onto his own.

It looks as if it belongs, its really a clever trick of the camera program!

This is two pictures bonded into one, the hard dodger with its 6mm toughend glass to SABS is the first kit we produced, todate others have been exported to New Zealand and also the USA.

The dimensions are the changes we have to make to suit this boat, we can size things up or down but only in percentages unless we make it higher or longer. In this case we will supply the roof as an extension which goes right past the steering wheel position (removed) giving good protection from sun and rain.

We start the order next week, the owner will build the hard dodger himself when he has the kit.

Watch this space for updates!