Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Bomboloza Scull revisited

This local design  was featured back in 2009, Dave who designed it bought plys and CNC work from us, we still have the cut files so more kits to Daves design can be supplied.

First day test.

Words by Dave, the boats designer:

Here are a few pics of the ‘Vuvuzela’, which is the double partner to the ‘Bombaloza’ single.  It is constructed on the same principles and is similar in design, except it has a flat bottom while the Bombaloza has a v-section throughout.  I have received quite a bit of positive feedback about the boat, mainly because it is very versatile since it is able to carry up to 4 people (2 rowers, 1 passenger and 1 coxswain).  So a bit more social than the single.

The building jig on the right hand side can be used many times, note the part assembled second boat to the left.

These boats are light and easy to handle but are suitable for use in protected bays and sea conditions.
The one man version can be carried by one person?