Friday 18 October 2013

The vanishing Hout Bay Yacht Club

This club house worked very well when most sailing was beach sailing and done right off the beach in front
of the club house. At that time the view from downstairs and upstairs across the bay was 100%, then came the experts who asked can they re introduce the original sand dunes?

Hout Bay and at its best, the position of the camera was about halfway of the drive in to the club house main gates, I am about seven or eight meters higher than the car park below!

The Ford Bantam is parked on the brick pave of the public space car park, so much for the promise that the re introduction of the sand dunes would not impact on the club house or the area around it. Who were these so called experts?

The HBYC club house now, stripped of its roof and windows since my last posting, who took the materials?

That large sand dune is center of the main lounge area, the large bar was to its left.

The club stands on council land,when it was time to move to the new club house site in the harbour nearby, two valuations on the improovement's on the property were made, one was a lot lower than the other, we had to work around the lower valuation?

Looking across from the sand dune in front of the clubs car park and with the old club house to the right, check those monster dunes further on, now being moved by front end loaders and a series of trucks to Sandy Bay.

The eventual move of the club to the harbour was successful , as I understand there was an amicable agreement with the council and their cash offer for what we had built. The new club house is far better than the old one!