Monday, 14 October 2013

The HBYC Opening Cruise 2013

The weather was kind, sort of, it was cool but not so bad a jacket could not fend off the cold air.

Click on the pictures for a full screen view.

Athol from yacht Jenal takes a picture of the fleet behind us and Bob off  Sea Canary watches on.

Spot the mistake in this picture, Nick owes a round of drinks I think?

Nandi, a Dix 34 shows how a good sailing boat can move, she built from one of our CNC kits and in just two years.

Athol makes use of the hard dodger as a secure plus dry place and sorts out his camera gear.

The enclosed hard dodger was most welcome, no rain that day but it was cold when in the breeze.

The view aft and looking out to Chapmans Bay.

Thalita was sneaking up with a preparation of water balloon bombs!

Close but not close enough.

Back on the marina it was beer time.