Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Cape Henry 21 transom lamination jig

This came in from a Cape Henry 21 builder in the USA, Fred  took delivery of  our  Cape Henry 21 kit from us a while back, its he that built the boat as a scale model first. The picture shows a very professional looking jig, the panels on the floor will next be laminated and glued in the jig forming the curved transom on the Cape Henry 21 sail boat.

 Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Hello Dudley and Roy:  Sawdust flying!  =)   Tomorrow begins the glue-up.
 Dudley I have been campaigning for you out here.  Roy the outer Transom ply you selected for me is very beautiful.  Regards to Nigel please.   'Hoping you are both healthy and busy.   Cheers,  Fred

Thanks Fred!

More info then came in and about the materials used to make the transom jig mould from.

Hi Roy:  Thanks for the blog post!  Maybe photo will help others in this step of build.  Check out photo attached:  anything look familiar? Lol.   Scarfing longitudinals next, then building frame.  Pieces ready.  'Will re-open 'build blog' once a bit further along.  Cheers,  Fred

The lable shows that Fred used the packing crate we sent the plys for the Cape Henry 21 kit in, using them a second time and finding more value.
Vacuum Bag test-run; Cape Henry 21 curved transom (Davis)
Fred comments on the quality of our CNC cut kit.


Many thanks for your interest, and posts.  I do look forward to sharing the steps ahead in this 'build'.  Your Kit's quality is amazing.  The cuts are so clean and precise.  I like the half-thick tabs.  Easy to cut correctly without needing to draw a line first.

Cheers,  Fred