Sunday, 15 September 2013

Argie 10 and 15 Kit prices slashed!

With the lack of a quality okoume marine ply available to us at this time, plus its ever rising cost, we have no choice but  to now price our boat kits in Redwood Marine plys.

An indication on what some of the Dix Design dinghy range will now cost is below.

Dixi Dinghy  R1472

Argie 10        R2183

Argie 15        R4136  , with the side seats option add R1302

These prices include the ply sheets required plus all the CNC work to cut the plys to the required shape, this is a price beater and the best offer you will find.

Prices exclude the plans which we have ex stock, the wood we expect the buyer to source where you are,  epoxy, glass tapes and fillers are not included but can be supplied at an extra cost.

For South Africn residents please add R14% vat to our prices.

The option to cut in either okoume or deluxe light ply will be given when we have stocks.