Sunday 15 September 2013

B & G Network instrument pod made using Superform bending plywood

Some write it as BandG, the full name being  Brookes and Gatehouse, nice gear, even the older and used Network ones in the display below.

Making corners has been a way of life since I started importing bending plywood.
Each year I get the local tecnikon students asking for advice on how to use it, I tell them the same each time.

Use it yourself and find out how much it will bend to see how flexible and strong it is? yes, its also waterproof and CE aprooved.

The side, corner and top panel of the instrument display panel,  were made from one long strip of 8mm
thick Superform plywood (honest) you do have to tease 8mm ply around such a tight radius but as we can
see its quite possible.

The use of 5mm thick Superform bending ply would have made the job easier,
 I just happened not to have 5mm thick off cuts that day.

Try it and see, then you tell me.

Easy or what!