Sunday, 15 September 2013

A special offer on the Optimist kit

Plywood prices have been sky rocketing, so much so that the importers of okoume  marine plys have now refused to being more in due to the fact its costing too much.

If we use the imported Redwood Marine ply, CNC cut it to size we can offer you an Optimist plywood pack for just R2619, plus Vat for local buyers.

The kit will require some wood which you can source yourself, we can supply the epoxy, glass tapes and fillers, plus the builders jig and 14 page assembly guide at an extra cost.

Note, the Redwood Marine ply Optimist will not measure for the Optimist rules due to the plys being outside their rules book, it will however get your kids out on the water and at a far lower cost!