Thursday, 29 August 2013

Primus and Optimus stove spares in South Africa

Funny, I had some genuine burners from my dads camping days and gave them away to a cruising boat a few years back, now we have the Taylor 030L stove to service I need those spares!

As it turned out spares are available but from  places like the UK, with postal charges and a very poor exchange rate I baulked at placing the order.

The stove will be fitted with new burner parts as supplied by Chris who actually owns this rather nice Taylors 030L stove, the largest of their range and made to order and with a six week waiting period too. This one is only ten years old, I think the oven has never been lit, with about seven years of probable service so far, the stove is in fine condition.

Made in Portugal but the original thing, this is the so called 'Silent' burner.
The brand name is Patria but were supplied as genuine parts on many paraffin stoves.

 This burner is used and it looked quite different when it arrived!
Fitted with a new jet and needle for jet cleaning, once it was  bead blasted it looked new again.

We also now have some paraffin pressure lamp parts, suitable for a 350CP (candle power) lamp and as made by Petromax,  Britelyt, Hipolite, we have the #68 cleaning needle and Pump valve and washer.

Who wants them?