Friday 30 August 2013

Weight saving core materials

We are now well used to panels made with a lightweight core, balsa comes to mind, so does Nidacore, both are great products but the cost can be rather on the high side.

I told the story today of a customer who was finishing a Dean 44 catamaran, he was certain weight saving was worth the cost and asked me about what we could offer?

I suggested either Superform bending plywood or Deluxe Light ply and gave him the technical data so that he could do his own calculations.

Superform bending plywood is designed for bending but it also makes a fine flat panel when veneered.

He came back the next week with a spread sheet that made for interesting reading.

The Nidacore would save him all of 34 kilograms but at a cost then of R78,000 ( U$7800 ) he chose the Superform plywood and used that as the door and panel skins to his boats joinery.

How easy a choice was that!

We are now looking to re introduce the Deluxe Light Ply and possibly with mahogany face upgrades, with the demise of okoume marine plys due to a scarce supply of okoume veneers and its rising price, the Deluxe Light Ply should fill some of the gaps we now see in choice.