Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The North West passage is not melting

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Hi Roy,

You may be interested in this from Ian Allen, with some stuff from DD on the North West Passage and Ice, it seems to put paid to the global warming theory being caused by us?


Notty in Hout Bay about two years back instructing his grandson on the art of steering by compass. We had an ice free day too!
NW Passage not melting

I read this very interesting article sent to me by yacht designing mate Dudley Dix and then perused some of the gorgeously eccentric little boats busy trying to find a way round. I shall spend more time on that particular site tomorrow, since it is pretty extensive but full of interesting goodies. Scott Cowper is still at it I see. I met him in 1984 in the Caribbean and he seemed such a nice, quiet and unassuming bloke going around the world in a lifeboat with a Gardner diesel in it. This is all very different. We also had a Kiwi bloke stay with us who had sailed to the Arctic and previously also Antarctica on a steel British yacht and written a book about it called 'Poles apart in Northanger' - a wonderful title.

  But this just shows you that the most assertive and gloomy recent predictions by guys like Paul Beckwith of The Sierra Club in Canada couldn't possibly have been more wrong. Our efforts to get nature sussed often seem so futile and she does what she does whilst flashing us the finger at times.




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Hi Ian,

You may have seen this already, it is last week's news. A story to confuse the scientists once again. The NW Passage is not thawing the way that it has been forecast to do, so boats may be trapped in the NW Passage this year. Look at the crazy list of boats that are attempting the passage or intended to but have cancelled. Includes two rowing boats and a double kayak. And my surfer pals think that I am crazy to sail across the Atlantic? Slowest ice melt on record (looks like 34 years of records).


The weather gurus forecast this hurricane to be worse than average. Thus far it is way below normal, with no hurricanes and only 6 tropical storms. Our summer has been pretty cool, with only a few days above average and most below average. This morning our lake was steaming, which doesn't normally happen until into autumn.