Friday, 9 August 2013

For sale, a Taylors 030L three burner paraffin stove

I grew up with the family using paraffin stoves and lamps, so I do have an understanding of what makes them work (or not) clean fuel is the prime suspect when the burner does not burn clean, also worn jets and leaks on the pressure side.

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This stove type is known to me by its fame on cruisers yachts using it world wide, made in Great Britain, its a top class product.

The stove is the full works, two top burners, plus a cast iron plate that covers the top when the grill section is required, the oven is large enough to make bread and a small roast.

Taylors stoves are marked with the series and serial numbers, with this known I contacted Jackie in the UK of Sea-Sure the agents for Taylors stoves, she tells me this stove was new in August 2003. As I know its not been used for two or three years, the stove has seen only seven years light use.

This is the later model and follows the changes made in July 1998 and as mentioned in page 29 of the user manual (supplied)

Has this oven ever been used, it does not look like it.

Just about spotless inside this oven, the burner shows no sign of being used.

The fuel supply tank comes with a hand pressure pump, gauge, also a fuel filter and bowl.
The tank takes around 8 ltrs and will supply the stove running on all burners for as much as eight hours.

Paraffin is the heating fuel and methylated spirit the burner warmer to start the stove with.

A spare burner but of another type to what is in the stove, the internals are the same though.
Note the small metal section with grooves on one side, that is the control valve and should have a
thin metal pricker on the right hand end, its missing.

Signs of too much force when using the valve control can easily be seen.

The top burners require service kits, they have an internal needle valve that is controlled by
a rack and pinion system, the point of the shaft being the fuel flow restrictor, I will install those , clean the stove, test all three burners are working  and we are ready for a new owner!


Update, we have located two new and complete burners, they will be installed and not a spares pack.