Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Navik wind vane pilot for sale

Know as one of the better small craft pilots, suitable for craft to about 32 feet long, we have an offer of a complete Navik pilot.

They can be used with a small electric tiller  pilot gear with a compass, that way you can use the power of the sea water on the lower paddle to steer the boat with, this way 12 volt current drain is very low.
This size is all that is needed Raymarine ST1000 

When the electric pilot fails, you still have the Navik!

Sold as is, we can offer a shipping service by taking the vane apart, air freight may be reasonable, otherwise we would use the Post Office.

A vane steering gear is really another crew member, only it just takes a little oil and no food or space inside the boat!

The price is R8500 ex Cape Town, South Africa. (about U$850)

What a great offer!