Wednesday 7 August 2013

The Taylors 30L paraffin stove revisited

Why the Taylors stove?

The fact that they are very well made and long lived must come to the fore here, plus with paraffin burners like Primus having been around for a very long time, Its going to be fairly easy to find spare parts.

You can fix them yourself, to be honest they just need to have clean fuel and thats about it burner wise. If a jet blocks its a very simple job to remove it with a small spanner, clean with a jet pricker (where are mine?) then replace the jet. The stove in the picture has internal jet prickers, they self clean by turning the control knobs to the left.

After a very long time the leather pump washer may start to need more pumps than was normal but again removing the old washer and fitting a new one will be found to be simple enough.

This is the Taylors 30L Paraffin stove we will have on offer quite soon.

So we have proven reliability but we also have safety, Paraffin does of course burn but compared to the option of LPG (liquid petroleum gas) the flash point is quite high.

Methylated Spirit (alcohol)  is used to pre heat the burners but a very small amount is used, the flash point of Meths, is of course low but with so little needing on each light up the danger is small.

Note, its important to fill the Meths bowl and allow it to nearly burn out before opening the knob to the presurised Paraffin, the reason is the pre heating may not be hot enough and the result will be the Paraffin flares up some. After a few attempts to light the burners you will soon get the idea.

The other issue is that Paraffin can be found just about any place, while LPG may not be so easily found, it may also be true that in colder weather Paraffin heats better than LPG which I have seen gives a reduced heat output as the temperature falls.

Whats the drawback? well it may be said that Paraffin can smell, so does LPG when not controled but for sure split Paraffin is far safer than LPG!

I will add to this subject as the used Taylors 30L stove is stripped and cleaned , then re assembled and lit up, sort of a Taylors stove user manual on line?

Today I discovered the fault with one burner, stripped and rebuilt it and in the morning we will do a test light up and boil some hot water to may some coffee!

New jet cleaners and related parts are being ordered, they will ensure that this ten year old Taylors 030L stove burns clean and as it should. This is one of the later series of stoves, so the most up to date?

Note, there is a user manual to be found on line, it covers all of the stoves under models 028, 029, 030, 030L which is larger of all the range?

Find it under Blakes Lavac Taylor