Monday, 10 September 2012

The SKF Speedi-Sleeve

SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE (they are simply too expensive!)

A refurbished Hillman Imp lower crank pully, note the Speedi-Sleeve that is pressed onto the shaft.

SKF SPEEDI-SLEEVE is a well-proven solution to fix worn shafts within minutes, providing an excellent sealing surface without having to disassemble the shaft or change the seal dimensions.

A Hillman Imp transaxle output shaft, note the groove in the shaft, this needs a 1.25" Speedi-Sleeve fitting.

The sleeve combined with an SKF radial shaft seal provides an enhanced sealing system, resulting in a consistent and increased operating durability. This improved service life predictability assists with maintenance planning. For large shafts, SKF can also offer wear sleeves for heavy industrial applications.

The shaft has a deep groove where the old lip seal was fitted, the Speedi-Sleeve will cover this and make the part like new again.

I will update this with a picture when SKF reply to my email asking for stocks and prices.


Stocks are in Johannesburg and the order has been placed.

The asking price for one was around R601.00 plus Vat, so R685, or U$83.55 each and then delivery, they offered me a miserable 5% trade discount only, I canceled my order and went to an engineer I use when in need.

The original and damaged shaft is the one in front, the engineer made his own sleeve and turned it down to the required 1.25 inch size, the price was just R125! plus vat, so R142.50 only, thats all of 75% less than SKF can sell a sleeve at, I think they are way
over priced now.

See the quality!

You can use your own judgement on a quality job and good local prices at our machine shop.