Thursday, 13 September 2012

Andrews Hartley 37 build of the decks

It is always nice to be able to report on a boat we have supplied a kit or materials to, the strike rate on the boat by folk buying from us and being launched is remarkably high by the way, some take weeks, some take years but as a general rule they all seem to splash in the end.

From Andrew Rogers:

I have now fitted the Deck Carlines and am busy with planing them down to

the correct position as well as planing the sheer in order to fit the side
decks. The piece of timber which I cut the carlines from had a curve, which
I left, as it saved having to shape the carlines to take the curve of the
deck. Note the bulkhead which was temporarily in place has been removed in
order to fit the Carlines.

On Monday I took delivery of my final batch of Marine plywood from Roy and
Jean at CKD Boats. This will hopefully be all that I need by way of plywood
in order to complete construction.

Andrew designed and made a very nifty rack with built in clamps that allows him to move sheets of plys on his road trailer, click on the picture for a better view.    

Wooden boats really can progress very quickly when you get into the build process. Its really a matter of various repeat tasks, in the end you find you have built yourself a boat!

Check the link for Andrews build and ideas. The words below are from it and I will watch with interest how Andrew develops his power plant.

TIDIDI is a Hartley designed Cape Otway, plywood yacht which I am currently building in my spare time and as cash flow allows (all donations welcome). It is therfore a long term project and is ultimately for my retirement.
She has a length of 37 foot and a beam of 11 foot, with a 6 foot draught. She will have a sloop rig and an electric auxiliary, much to the concern of some people who seem to prefer the smell and mess that comes with Diesel, not to mention the weight and space requirement.  I intend to make her as green and eco friendly as possible.

All pictures are the property of Andrew Rogers.