Saturday, 15 September 2012

The David Shepherd Hillman Imp and Elephant picture

This painting was spotted by me some years back, I and other Imp Club members tried really hard to find out if David Shepherd had painted it, we needed to add his name if we published it. In the end we discovered nothing and published anyway.

I had supplied the Imp Club the picture for a possible entry in the clubs magazine Impressions.
The editor of The Imp Club did not publish the picture I sent him for some while, copywrite etc, then when we drew a blank all around, did publish the picture and with a mention we thought the picture was Davids?

Once the Impression magazine was published and with Davids picture in it, an Imp Club member told us the story as to why and how the picture was posted by him on his web site.

It seems he had seen an auction brochure and on the front cover was a small print of the paint and the notice it was for sale. (it remained unsold) the club members wife knew her husband liked the picture and contacted the auction house and asked
for a copy of the brochure. From that she had a copy made and when framed gave it to her husband for his birthday.

Its all incorrect I know but the picture was very well received within the club and many members were talking about it once published, where is the picture now?

This mail came in today, 14th September 2012

Dear Roy

Whilst recently searching online for information about this painting done by David Shepherd many years ago, I came across your blog from last December making enquiries into how the painting came about. Unfortunately the person who you contacted (if you contacted them via the website) thinking they were David’s agent/administrator, is not in fact anything to do with David. He just happens to have the “ website” address and is an independent agent selling David’s prints.

A painting done by David Shepherd for the Rootes Group calender.

However, if you are interested, this is what David has to say about the painting:

“Seeing this painting again has revived many happy memories I have of the Hillman Imp. I received a commission from the Rootes Group to paint a painting of the Imp in Africa for their calendar; it certainly made an exciting picture. To achieve this I photographed the Imp at the factory and then added my own material for the elephant and baobab tree. I then painted the painting from the photographs and my existing material.”

I hope this answers your questions, if somewhat belatedly!



Sue Smith

PA to Avril and David Shepherd CBE, FRSA, FRGS

Tel: 01342 302480

Note, we are now suspecting that if this picture was used in a Rootes Car Co, calender, it was the 1963 or 1965 issue as we have members with a copy of the 1964 and 1967 issues and its not in those. Does anyone have a Rootes calender with the Elephant picture in it?

A member has since found a framed and signed picture of the Imp and Elephant, is it a print, is it the original, we are trying to find out!