Friday 14 September 2012

Muriels Munchies choose Fluid Film rust preventitive

I was in the Hout Bay harbour yesterday and Walter of Muriels Munchies asked me about Fluid Film rust preventitive. He has a specific need for it due to the fact he is on the waters edge and his buildings are all steel containers, the locks and hinges take a lot of abuse.

Walter with his spray can of Fluid Film, each can has a long tube applicator, that will be perfect for access to small holes and hinges. I showed Walter the engine bonnet on my Ford Bantam truck four years back it started to rust on the front edge lip, I sprayed the inside edges of the bonnet where the metal frames are, that was it, no rusting since!

Muriels Munchies has been established for many years, the service and food are well known for good quality. They are well postioned and only a short walk from the beach which is behind them, the HBYC and marina are right there too.


Note, we have two cans only left in stock at the old price.

Saturday, after a sudden rush to buy, we have sold out on the cans, some 500mm units still in stock as fluid you can apply with a cloth or brush.

Fluid Films spray cans have as much as an 80% rust preventitive content while other brands can have as low as a 20% content.