Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Found In Hout Bay, a rare British Anzani outboard!

British Anzani models (1957)

(Based on a 1957 advertisement) taken from the British Seagull Spares site, many thanks.

Keen edged performance is the quality that outboard enthusiasts look for... and it is just this that puts BRITISH ANZANI ahead in the world of outboards.

More than that... effortless starting, low fuel consumption, smooth running and simplicity of operation are consistent throughout the British Anzani range - from the 1 1/2 h.p. 'Pilot' for canoes and rowboats, to the 15 h.p. 'Unitwin' for runabouts, etc., and of course the 'B' Class Competition Motors.

Petrol is now off the ration... but the ever-present need for fuel economy underlines the wisdom of choosing BRITISH ANZANI.

Sets the PACE... provides the POWER!

Seen in the harbour today.

I think this is whats named a Super Single which weighs 48 pounds.

This is Paul, aka Blue Bottle, named after his inflateable boat we see him touring the harbour with. I had always thought he used a British Seagull engine, it turns out to be the British Anzani with a Seagull fuel tank fitted.

Pauls Blue Bottle and wheels ready to go.

As you can see, our winter is over and its now a nice spring day in the cape.

Paul with his classic 55 year old British Anzani outboard engine.

http://ckdboats.blogspot.com/2009/03/bluebottle-and-pirate-ship.html copy and paste the link to see the boat in action.

News on the motor has just come in from John of S.O.S in Essex, England.

Hi Roy, just back from a sunny stay in hot climes!  UK actually warmish and sunny today!

Re spares for this beast, sadly none have been available for 50 years or so, they are museum pieces these days only parts are from other scrap motors and not sure if there is anyone specializing in them here, never found anyone and always asked...... Italian motors really, The Marine side just a small part of Anzani.