Tuesday 31 July 2012

The history of the TBA has been published

The Traditional Boat Association story has been penned by Colin Davies, himself a member of many years. We missed him for some while while he took off in his Dix designed yacht named Solvesta. After sailing single handed around the world, Colin wrote a book on that trip also.

The front cover, the sailing ship is the Polish vessel Dar Pomorza, from the book by Christopher Chant and published by Roydon  Publishing Co, Ltd. many thanks.

This is a high quality publication and a credit to the printers, hard cover bound and with many pages containing colour prints or photos, all pages are printed on a gloss paper. The history of the TBA over its twenty year life is all here.

Just two of the selection of sketches and drawings the volume contains.

The TBA was founded by its members and its they who are remembered for the great events we had.
I have ten copies to sell at just R120 each, plus postage, all sales in full will be donated by Colin to the NSRI.

Note, I have already sold two ( now 6)  copies by word of mouth, so if you want your own copy please contact me soon.


Comment by a local yachtsman, Justin Phillips follows:

The Traditional Boat Association in Cape Town must surely rate as one of the most interesting societies I know of. What could be more engrossing that classic wooden boats, tales of seamanship, history and nautical tradition? Not to mention the old salts who made up the people, along with their boats . . . Sadly, The TBA (as it was known) was provisionally wound up after 20 years, a few months ago, as all good things need to take a break once in a while. Fortunately for all, Colin Davies, one of the original members, has documented the history of the TBA in a recent book, with all the events and happenings of this period, including all the excellent cartoons that were compiled over these years. It’s an absolute gem! It relates in a nice relaxed anecdotal style, with great humour, while recounting the many interesting events and individuals that make up the recent history of yachts and classic boats in Cape Town. These include sea captains, yacht designers, many well known yachtsmen and cruisers, and even the odd journo! It would seem the interest in things classic and nautical did not forget the important matters of splicing and mainbraces, and the cartoons contain ample evidence of this! David Biggs must have been in his element!

For anyone with an interest in the boating history of Cape Town, of the old boats themselves, or who knew these folk (I was surprised how many I knew, or knew of) – this book is a must. The R120 prices is a 100% donation to the NSRI, and we really have to thank Colin for this most generous piece of work (with help from others including Barry Woolf and Roy McBride). It’s a nice coffee-table format, printed on glossy paper. Copies from Roy McBride – roy@comlumber.com.

Justin Phillips
Cape Town
email justin.phillips@mweb.co.za