Monday, 30 July 2012

Yacht Stella, a new arrival at HBYC

Hout Bay Port Control, Hout Bay Port Control, this was a voice I heard calling on channel 16 a few evenings back. The caller said he was entering the harbour and was asking for any special instructions?

The voice was Ian on yacht Stella, he was returning from a cancelled trip down to the 40s and then Mauritius and out of Cape Town when his self steering vane paddle failed on him.

I  replied that we have no Harbour Master and that he should enter and find a spare berth on the marina, when I went on deck he was in sight, so I indicated a suitable spot for the night. Darren and Atholl came and helped Ian moor his boat.

I saw Ian yesterday, he is really enjoying his stop even if it was not in his plans.

He tells me that the boat is a Raffiki 35 and built in Taiwan, the design is
 by Stan Huntingford of Canada.


Note, anyone intending on a visit should also understand the the entry to the port is unlit, it sould be white to Port and Green the Starboard, thieves have stolen the copper wire and the people who maintain such items have failed to do repairs for some months now.