Sunday 29 July 2012

Annies Fantail

I have made contact with Annie Hill, a well known writer and of course one of the editors of the Traditional Boat Association which was closed down recently after a run of some twenty years.

Words below by Annie, her boat is a Raven and a handy size at 26 feet long, I assume that junk rig sails better on a starboard tack than a port tack?

I've attached a recent photo of Fantail, but must remind you that she is not, sadly, a wooden boat.

I agree with you that there are still a number of classic designs around the Cape, but I suspect there are precious few traditional boats, either in build or design.  There weren't many carvel boats around even a dozen years ago.  Maybe that's why the membership faded.  Have you thought of creating a Classic BA?

My reply to Annie is below:

Whats about?

She was given a full strip down last year by Tommy Walker, the boat was moved to a dry factory in Retreat, the guy who owns Diel, the large alloy schooner Bernard Diebold, paid for the work after buying She from Brian Bradfield who passed away last year. I am not sure Brian ever saw the boat when restored? It was put on the market at the cost to buy and restore for R800,000.
 Tommy had also done the make over of Seaslang, the first RCOD for the same buyer, its for sale too.

The 30 square Maraquita, which Mike Daly spent so much money on with Eric Bongers came onto the market recently, that boat won more Lipton Cups at its time than any other.
Herb Philips Shortwave, a carvel built 35ft Hilyard  is in the HBYC boat park, it was sort of restored by a couple witrh two kids but they took the bulkheads out to make more space, its for sale at R60,000 but will be cut up next month I think, so its sort of free really?

There is also a Dogger (plywood) on the HBYC marina, the guy spent a year restoring it, then got sick, its his leg and he is a diver, his marina rental fell behind and a week back he gifted the boat to the marina section to fund arrears, so thats a steal for someone?

The yawl Squire is still around, it was named Tara when you were here I think, Astra the Tumlaren I restored about twelve years is still in safe hands and I have a job to build a new mast for it this year.
All in all some decent boats made from wood are still to be found, its the willing owner thats  missing?

Do you have a picture of your own Dogger, I need photos to expand the book done by Colin with TBA members boats.

Seems a lot of traditional style boats still exist, so who will form an association to keep them alive and afloat.