Saturday 28 July 2012

Yacht Falkungen, a Dragon class dated 1955, has its teak decks restored.

This is a rare yacht in South Africa, I know of one more in False Bay?

Did this boat sail in the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia for Denmark, as yet I can find no reference, does anyone know?

I am told the boat did sail in the 1956 Olympics, if this is correct the boat came second to Sweden with Ole Bernsten as skipper, the UK came third.

The boat has been in an extended dry storage and has dried out to an extent where the cold moulded planks are showing through the topsides paints.

The boat was moved to the HBYC new boat park, which was re surfaced and now such a nice place to work. The cover came recently when the restoration began some weeks back.

The boat normally has a grey canvas deck cover on.

The name plate tells us all, click on any picture to enlarge it.

The teak decks and mahogany coach roof have been stripped right back.

Very traditional and quite similar to the 1934 Tumlaren I restored named Astra.

The open cockpit suggests its a wet boat in any kind of breeze over say 15 knots?

Thats Will checking out his progress this far, he and his assitant have spent some weeks stripping the boat down, they are now moving forwards and have the teak decks caulked with Dow Corning 813 black silicone.