Wednesday 25 July 2012

Packing the Cape Henry 21 drop keel plate

The order we are shipping out in the next few days also includes the drop keel plate, local engineers are known for their quality and also their pricing.

The 16mm thick  MDF packers are there to stop the steel plate from moving, they are screwed together, then to the sides of the packing case, they are not screwed down to the plys in the kit below.

The top is brought in for the final closure of the crate.

With the lid screwed down with 40mm long posidrive screws, the crate is then steel banded with 6 x 16mm wide steel bands, they are tightened and crimped into place with the special tools you can see on the top of the crate. Lables are then stuck on with the delivery address, plus our own address for ease of knowing where the crate came from.

Shipping to the USA will follow soon.