Tuesday 24 July 2012

Cape Henry 21 yacht kit packing

This now follows a well tested routine, prooven and perfected over the years. The 16mm chipboard box has been part assembled, the joints are glued and screwed for security, one end can be left off, this speeds the loading of the plywood sheets. We finish off with the lid being screwed down then we apply six steel bands around the box.

Open ended and ready to load, the crate is on a dolly with castors so we can move it out for loading with a Hyster.

Charles and Nigel with a first panel

This Cape Henry 21 kit will be uplifted today and soon be off to its owner in Seattle, USA by sea.

Lifting in pairs works well, as one panel supports another.

The various shapes and bulkheads are easy to see, they will only fit in one place when cut free from the French marine grade plys.

Seen here, Nigel is feeding the two sheets in while the other guys assist by lifting the other end up a little.

The stack is building up now, we supply the required 36 sheets of 9mm thick plys with each order.

The last sheets are about to be packed, a sheet of packing ply will be placed over the last panels for protection.

Thats a load of 36 sheets of French made BS1088 marine plys in one stack, we allow an end gap in the packing box of 10mm, the space on top allows us room to pack the boats steel drop keel in the same order as well.

We apply for insurance on the customers behalf, the packing materials and insurance are then charged to the customer at our cost, the same with the cost to sea freight, we make nothing on this part of the service.