Thursday, 3 May 2012

TBA news, as good as it gets

We had a lot of support from the magazine SA Yachting, in fact it was their insertion of the local build of some classic boats in steel that satrted the whole thing off.

With the help of Colin Davies, who is writing a history of the TBA, we are trying to find the links which started the association. One is the first insertion of the Paul Johnson Venus design, it was being built in rented space at the Ankon Boats factory.

Below is a mail to Richard Crocket of Sailing magazine, as it is he who owns the copyright to the now defunct SA Yachting magazine.

It was the October '91 issue of SA Yachting, in the
"Cutting a wake" editorial where the formation of the TBA was
proposed. It was probably therefore either the August or September
issue that had the article on the Paul Johnson 'Venus' design. If I
could have a copy of that editorial and the article I'd be really

Colin Davies