Monday, 30 April 2012

Lodge CLNH spark plug

The recent adventure to restore the type LLS 1961 British Seagull out board has seen me re looking at a samll collection of spark plugs I have collected.

Left click for a larger view.

This was the packing note with the Lodge spark plug, I wonder how many years back this was boxed?

Pics by R McBride

New and never fitted, what motor used the Lodge CLNH spark plug I wonder? the small tube at the bottom of the picture slips over the thread.!-Lodge-CLNH  Looks like they went into early Land Rover series one?

Also Matchless motor bikes it seems.


Details on this plug:

SKU 913

Manufacturer Lodge

Part Number CLNH

Diameter 14mm

Reach 19mm (3/4")

Hex Size 20.8mm (13/16")

Seal Type Gasket Seat

Resistor No

Terminal Type M4 Thread

Electrode Material Standard Nickel

Projection Type Non Projected

Tip Configuration Single Electrode