Tuesday, 1 May 2012

British Seagull outboard for sale

We will soon be offering a British Seagull outboard for sale, either as it is or restored to the buyers requirements.The model is a 1973 and is a 4.5hp motor with a gear shift option, sold as is or restored to the buyers requirements.

The motor is complete, showing its thirty nine (39) classic years rather well, once serviced,cleaned, painted and polished it will look close to new.

Even the tank looks to be in good condition, major dings and dents can be removed if we heat and remove the tank ends.

Note the gear shift (clutch) handle, really a desirable option when coming along side your boat or the dock.

Contact me via http://www.ckdboats.com/


Note, we will soon be stocking British Seagull spares, you can contact me when you need parts, if we do not have them we can bring them in with our next shipment.

The same engine after cleaning with water soluable cleaners, the bead blasting process and service. The service includes, draining of the gearbox and refilling with EP90 Castrol gear oil. The removal of the petrol tank, fuel lines, carburetor, throttle control, electric cable and spark plug. All are checked,rinsed with clean petrol, the gap to the plug checked, the spark to the plug was checked and with a full clean up, the British Seagull is now ready to return to service!

The option exists to have the motor stripped to its main parts, a full repolish, plating and repaint to bring the motor close to concours finish.