Monday, 30 April 2012

Argie 15 concept boat with a British Seagull outboard

We have the boat and we have the ability to supply restored British Seagull outboards, either your own or one we can supply.

A fine example of a restored British Seagull outboard by Peter Knolls, we would offer a similar high standard of finish.

Alan Armsrongs own build of the Argie 15, he did it in quite a short period of time too, he used one of our CNC kits, we supplied the paints also.

From the Dix Design web site:

Alan Armstrong buit his Argie 15 in our home town of Hout Bay, South Africa. He started from a hull kit supplied by CKD Boats" and did a beautiful job.

The concept is one of classic tradition, we have other designs which can also be offered in place of the stitch and glue chine method. We have a similar sized  boat in Clinker construction ply and epoxy too.

This is our 4.5hp British Seagull on offer, it was made in October 1973, so is just thirty nine years (39) old, well will be this October. This model came out with the upgraded Wipac ignition system, it also has a gear shift option! The engine will be fully serviced, painted,polished  and made to look as new as it is possible.

British Seagull, the motor for the world.

Restored British seagull engines can have the optional transfer too, they are special imports from England. 
Argie 15 kits or fully built to your order, British  Seagull outboards on request,used motors needed for restoration.