Saturday, 5 May 2012

British Seagull Petrol Tank details

The Seagull petrol tanks seem to have changed a few times but settled on the style seen on both the 1961 and also the 1973 units we have now.

Note the original transfer, its still in place after 39 years! we have a new  one on order, it will be used on the 3.5hp 1961 engine.

This Seagull outboard is now being serviced, when serviced, we can offer it as is, or as a restoration program to the buyers program.

Even the original Seagull sparkplug cap is still in place.

the  engine has had an easy life, the propellor is near new, plus the fact that we suspect the use was in fresh water only and on the Vaal Dam, there is no corrosion to talk of. This motor is rtaed at 4.5hp whiich is said to mean very little on a Seagull as its all about what size propellor the engine will push.
You can expect this Seagull to easily push a 20 to 26ft boat?

The motor is in the Cape Town area and for sale.

Contact me at to discuss pricing and  your requirements.

Delivery by courier is not a problem