Thursday, 26 April 2012

Wharram Tiki 38, she floats!

The expected news in from the Simonstown Naval Dockyard came in today.
Wow! what a boat, we now need the name?

Well done to Captain Dan and his crew.


So.... she floats. (and how)

The launch went smoothly. We sprayed some Cap Classique on the bows and toasted fair weather, quick passages and sun in the cockpit. Then we were lowered slowly into the water by the syncro lift. Check seacocks , and then check again. No leaks. Motors warm and running smoothly, we motored out of the basin and around to False Bay Yacht Club in great autumn weather.

She felt very good on the water, and the best surprise was the waterline was parallel to the anti foul. So we could have done a boot top stripe after all.

Naturally there is still plenty work still to do (In fact the only bit complete is the part that is wet! ), but while walking away at the end of the day, one cannot help but have a second glance for that 'feel good factor'. And it feels good to be on the water.

Thank you to all who have helped along the way particularly in the final stages. Adrian and Nigel who's experience has been invaluable from the beginning. John, who just kept going in those weeks when there was just white dust and sandpaper. Sarah for everything from listening to me nattering on about twisted lower hull panels, to modifying my lunch box contents for optimum work efficiency and of coarse for being there.

We look forward to sailing with all of you in the future.


Tiki 30 and 38 are available as kit sets,   Roy