Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fuel and oils for Justin Seagull

Now then, we have an old Seagull outboard motor up and running, its said they are not that fussy but reading the piles of info on the internet via Google, I find some advice that comes up again and again and that is which oils should be used.

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The Seagull in question is now 51 years old, yes its a 1961 model! with patience I discovered that this older model should still run on the original fuel (gas/petrol) mix it came out with, this model should not be run on any mix other than 10:1. Thats 100ml petrol to 10ml oil.

 The Mobil outboard oil data list.

What oil? well not a normal two stroke oil, this is due to the fact the Seagull motor runs quite cool, so it needs proper marine grade two stroke outboard oil. By chance I have some thats made by Mobil, I have had it for years and one of the engines it says it can be used for on the packing lable is Seagull, thats fine by me.

Mixed in a 10:1 ratio of fuel to oil and with unleaded fuel the mix should look like this.

The Seagull should have a gearbox oil in 140 grade, where I may find that I have no idea but reading whats being said on the web, I find that a single grade 90 EP will also suit. I happened to have Castrol Oils outboard gear oil in stock. For some reason it says nothing about what grade it is but again the web says it is a 90 EP grade.

Note, not SAE 80W-90 like Shell Oils Spirax, not sure why but I know someone will tell me. 

Use the right fuel and oils and they will save you a stack of money later.

How hard can that be?

News in from John at SOS, which is now telling me I do need the correct 140 grade of oil, that I hope to find tommorrow.


 Hello Roy,

I use Smith and Allan here, or Morris's but they are just a local names, Castrol used to sell it here, still do in 20 litre drums! I have old Castrol 140 cans here, Penrite sold in the States but any 140 oil will do the job as it is not in there long!