Saturday, 28 April 2012

Brat of Dunkirk

Brat was a Royal Cape Yacht Club boat for many years, she was well restored and I think also had a Lloyds 100A certificate?

Seen here in a near windless day in Table Bay at one of the TBA Easter Regattas, around 1999?

Picture by Roy McBride using a Canon FT film camera and a 1.4 lens.

Brat was one of the boats who did the cross channel trip to take the men off the beaches at Dunkirk.

Owned for a long time by Tony Fox? where is he now, he sold the boat, where is Brat now?

News came in within days from two sources, so we now know where Brat is!

Andrew emailed and said he used to sail on Brat each weekend when he lived in Port Elizabeth.

I read with interest your post on Brat. I sailed on Brat in Port Elizabeth every weekend before moving to Cape Town 11 years ago. At the time she was owned by Captain Harry Freaker who I think had bought her from Tony Fox. Harry was over seventy at the time and unfortunately I lost touch with him when I moved to Cape Town. You could possibly find out some more information as to what happened to Harry and Brat from Algoa Bay Yacht Club. I have some photographs of her at home and will scan and send them to you later.

The second mail came in just yesterday (03/05/2012)
The other day you referred to BRAT.
The boat is on the hard in Port Elizabeth. 

From Frans.

Please update as you can,


Hi Roy,

It was I who sailed "BRAT" from the U.K. to South Africa arriving here October 1968.

If my recollection is right, the yacht will be 100 years old this year (possibly next). Do you have any up to date information on who owns her and where she is now ?

Best regards,

Tony France

News in today, dated 22nd October 2012, I have informed Tony where to m\find the boat.