Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Captain Dan to launch his Wharram Tiki 38 soon

Words supplied by the boats builder, Dan.

Hi All,

 Had a busy week, battling the elements and finishing up as much as possible. We have had our summer SE winds which have been hammering us on the hard in Simon's Town for the past week making progress slow, rarely dropping below 20 kts.

 Dan did the work while CKD Boats supplied much of the plys,wood and epoxy. We now have a great deal of the boat as a kit ready CNC file so we can supply Tki 38 kits, plans must be bought from the deigner first though.

We got a break in the wind on Saturday, and nine of us stepped both masts in what can only be describes as a very successful exercise using only what was on the boat. It could have gone very wrong! Thanks to all involved. The comments this morning was ' How did you do it?'  The Armscor dockworkers cannot believe what is evolving in front of their eyes. The clanging of halyards never sounded so good that evening..

 For sure this is one of the better Tki 38 builds, some use less than perfect plys and timber to save on cost, that saves money but adds weight. Dan bought the right products and it shows.

Naturally we did not get many pictures of the action. Before and after is about it. I did see Sarah at one stage holding the camera, but looking down at the ground so as not to upset the partially hoisted mast with her eyes. One of her most stressful days ever!

 A birds eye view, Dan bought the alloy mast sections in the USA, the cost saving was better than to be found locally?

Arrived very early today to final fit through hull fittings and prepare for launch, only to find out the Syncrolift is out of action. Though there was work to attend to, the rest of the day was like going back to school after a fire drill. Your concentration has gone. To top it off the SE started to blow. A naval worker, walking past,  questioned the interior and its 'Mess', I was about to hurl something at him when I remembered where I was.

So although there is still much to do, we are ready to float. Tomorrow could be an option as the weather is good and the wind backing.

Well done Dan, the job looks really well done.

How hard can this be (ask Dan)