Thursday, 15 March 2012

Yaesu - Musen UK

Just when hope for the new part was past and the Yaesu FRG7700 had come back to life anyway, an email arrives from Sam at Yaesu UK.

Hi Roy

Apologies for the long delay in replying  to your e-mail.

I have tracked one down.

Please see quote below.

"Standard Spares Quote

 We have the spare part(s) you requested in stock; the Yaesu part number and cost are below.
part= 1 off J62800049   TONE/AF POT FRG7700    11.44  UK pounds
including order processing, packing, ordinary post to South Africa and VAT.

Such a small item but without which the sound has no control.

This is not the same pot, its the fine tune one, which will only work when you have the optional memory pack installed, I do have that, does anyone have the VHF pack for me?

 Its working!

Look hard, can you hear the BBC World service!

I phoned Yaesu and Sam in the UK told me they have a re structured company and have changed the name back to Yaesu - Musen again. He also told me that a South African had just been supplied spares by them and they were quite happy to supply others.

 Sam tells me his first communications receiver was the FRG7, which was the first one I ever used back in 1967 on yacht Brer Terrapin at the RCYC, Cape Town, after which I have been hooked on radio ever since.

I am hoping I can get this rather good news onto the SARL news bulletin board.

How hard can that be Justin?


Yaesu VHF  The Yaesu FRV-7700 VHF Converter was designed to work the Yaesu FRG-7700. It came in six versions: 

There are six types, I need the version that will handle marine traffic,which will be type F.

F: 118-130, 150-160, 160-170 MHz.

This external VHF converter connected simply to the back of the radio with the supplied cable. The FRV-7700 may be wired simultaniously with the FRT-7700 tuner using the supplied hard-wire cables.