Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Building the Proteus 106

This build is in Caracas, Venezuela, we shipped a kit there some while back.

The first thing to notice is the boat is built the right way up, thats a great idea and
means the dreaded turn over phase is removed, thats a time and a cost saver too.

Building this way up makes life easy, you can get into your boat and walk around right away. I personally would fit all the joinery cleats while the bulkheads are on the bench, then its all set out for you when your doing the fitting out,saves lots of time!

 My thanks to Erminio who supplied the pictures of his kit in build.

We supply all the panels pre cut, its about 130 sheets of board, plus the epoxies, glass tapes and meranti wood for the stringers.

If I wanted a catarmaran, this would be my choice.