Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Proteus 106 revisited

The Proteus 106 is a full offshore cruising style yacht with no fancy toys, not even inboard engines, those just add weight and of course cost. At 35 feet long the designer says this boat is the ultimate bare bones cat that will sail well and go offshore in safety.

There are a few options, which admittedly will take away the boats performance but possibly it is a worthwhile option. The headroom in the saloon center is 2mtrs, this dips to 1.75mtrs at the sides where we drop down into the hulls, the over all height can be raised, say 100mm this allows just that much more head room for the larger size crew.

 This boat has some of the options as mentioned in this blog.

The transoms can also be extended, they then mean there will be rudders under the boat, rather than hanging off the back, some will see the orginal idea as the more simple, it will be cheaper.

Then there can be a canopy over the outside bridge deck, not what the designer intened but this has been done on the first boat launched in Thailand.

Another option is a similar looking boat but with a re design to make the size at 38feet, the volume doubles, so does the cost but the boat can carry far more and of course the larger size may suit some.