Saturday, 17 March 2012

Dale Maben

A week back Tom came around to tell us the very sad news that Dale had passed away the week before, a minor opperation that went wrong, he asked could we join he and his two sons and some friends at a Wake in memory of Dale yesterday evening.

Tom and Dale in the cockpit of Amazing Grace in 2009, this was just before Tom set off single handed to Grenada.

The original idea was that around forty may arrive, a quick check and the list soon went past 120 and looking at the long line of cars parked outside the Mabens home when we left last night, it will have been many more.

Tom had married Dale some fifty four years back, they had the two sons, lived on a beach in Mozambique for a few years when the sons were small. Then at their Sandton home, built the Endurance 37 you see in the photo above. They later sailed off with one of the sons and went cruising for a while.

The event last night was a toast to Dale, our friend of many years, there were tears all round but as the tears came so did the smiles. Dale may be gone but she will never be forgotton.

Roy and Jean McBride