Friday, 16 March 2012

Shipping the Fraser replica Imp to Scotland

This is no fast fix, first we need to get the licence department to issue the forms to allow the export of the car, next we need the police to check that the numbers all match. In this case the 1966 Singer Chamois Sport engine number and Vin (body) plate do match but there are complications.

Inside the Stickland Police clearance department, the picture was taken with permision from the police.

The use of a four wheel trailer (thanks John) means I could move the Singer Sport in safety. At this stage I am about half way through a five hour process and the jobs not signed of yet.

This is Clive of the Stickland Police Car Inspection Department, he is recording the chassis and engine numbers. They will be sent to Pretoria for final clearance.

Back on the road again.

Off loading at the trucking company who will handle the export.

Safe inside, at this time we now wait for the papers from Pretoria Police dept.

This was the following day, I wanted to remove the cars engine, that will be staying in South Africa.
The car is being pushed outside so I can work on the car.

Sebastiaan is helped by his assistant.

The Sport engine as removed, in this case a fast job.

The helpfull guys at Robecks Trucking, thanks a stack guys!