Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Dans Wharram Tiki 38 on the move

This was a materials pack to start with, timber, marine plys and epoxies, later many of the plys were CNC cut as well.

Yesterdays picture shows what Dan has built ove the last few years.

Loading one hull prior to delivery to the Naval Base in Simonstown.

The two hulls have been set up on a movable dolly, with the hulls the right distance apart, fitting and lashing the cross beams will be an easier task.

I have a list of what was cut on a local Tiki 38,the decks were not done using plywoods,they used Nida Core instead,we can supply that also, or the plywood required as in the design?

Plywoods,BS 1088 marine grade in Ockume veneers,sheet size is 2.44 x 1.22 mtrs (8'x 4')
9 mm x 41 sheets
12 mm x 9 sheets
18mm x 5 sheets

Panels cut and CNC works on 55 sheets to make the panels listed

you can take all or any part of what we offer,epoxies sell at R165 a kg,you
will require possibly 150kgs?
We can also supply the glass cloth and timber parts?
This is what we can CNC cut at this time.

Lower bulkheads
Upper bulkheads
Lower hull panels
Upper hull panels
Cross beams
Mast beam
Engine well
Beam through the hulls/doublers? ( the name may be wrong?)

More construction pictures and info can be found at the link below.

Plans are purchased direct from James Wharram.