Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The new Hout Bay marina

The move of the old HBYC marina from the position where the ABC now is, was one of members voting with their hands, at one marina meeting, an old codger was very insistant that the marina must be self funding and never cause stress to the main clubs finances in any posible way.

Photo by R McBride, using a Canon FT film camera.

Janet, who is now twenty nine, checks out  new dock space, was this in 1991?

The guys feelings were understood and it was made clear the marina section would and will be self funding, nothings changed. The new marina was mainly sold by the one man marina committee and under the direction of one Arthur Vink, a one man committee can work really well and Arthur sold all the new marinas, this one with an Endurance 37 on it was one of the last to sell.

A one man committee, how hard can his be.