Monday, 19 March 2012

Slangkop, between a rock and a hard place

This was an event that was to have a profound effect on my life, not in anyway that would cause me problems but it did give me a huge amount of work that suddenly came from a new direction.

Namely an Endurance 37 yacht named Gulliver of Knysna, I was to re launch her some 51 weeks later and in Hout Bay harbour, we later cruised on her to Brasil, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

 A Roy McBride picture, the camera was a Canon FT  film camera. Click on the picture for a full size view.

This looks bad? its all relative of course, I had bought the stripped wreck at the surf line far to the right of this picture, a risky purchase as if I could not remove the boat, the task of cutting her up would then be mine.

The guy with his back to the camera is Dennis Gentry of Tandem Rigging, it was he and his men who camped on the sandy land above the rocks for three nights, while they worked the steel cables at each tide. Bit by bit they clawed her up the rocky embankment.

Thanks guys!

How hard can this be?

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For some reason the pictures have been removed?

About two years later the same boat was anchored here in Mochima, a magical inlet in the coast line of Venezuela, for sure a long way a way and very much a highlight of my cruising life.